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  1. Mods and Projects (Gen 3)
    Has anyone found a significantly brighter replacement for the 3rd brake light on the 3rd gens? TIA!
  2. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    Got pulled over for brake lights not working. Checked it out. The top mount works fine, but the the two lower lights do not. All lights work when I turn on the headlights, just not the brakes. There is a similar thread with a 2005 Sienna, check those solutions, still nothing. Here is the list of...
  3. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    I changed the brake and tail light bulbs and blew the stop fuse and could not get the van out of park. Replaced the fuse and it worked. Now, though neither front or back A/C fans are working. Does anyone know what fuse controls this?
  4. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    I have a 2004 Sienna, a couple of days ago I replaced a rear running lights & a couple days later the gear shifter was locked. I used the override in order to get it home & replaced a blown 10A brake fuse under the dash. Here is the issues that I'm now having. With the headlights & running...
1-4 of 4 Results