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  1. Minivan Comparisons
    Hey there. I've been thinking of getting a Toyota Sienna and am wondering how it stacks up against other AWD vehicles, such as the Subaru Outback or Toyota RAV4. I would use it for (backcountry) skiing, mountain biking, and climbing so it'll need to handle dirt roads with loose gravel and powder...
  2. General Discussion (Gen 3)
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  3. Minivan Comparisons
    I found this on the net today. Its about the 2011 Quest, but it has the numbers for dimensions for all the minivans and I think it provided a good comparison on the vehicles. I'm shocked at The quest numbers !! 2011 Nissan Quest: Utility and Comfort The Quest suffers the most in the space...
  4. Minivan Comparisons
    Well, I am 3 months into my new 2011 sienna. So i am going to final my report as promised when i bought the 07 odyssey as experiment. The Oddity was sold in feb while wife and i were debating which trim and version of sienna to get. So we ended up with Pre-dawn grey limited AWD with premium...
  5. Minivan Comparisons
    KBB Review of Mainstream Minivan Out There: Cliff Notes Results: 1 - Honda Odyssey 2 - Toyota Sienna 3 - VW Routan 4 - Chrysler Town and Country 5 - Kia Sedona p.s. A little dissapointed that Sienna came in 2nd to the Ody, but for an essentially 5+...
1-5 of 6 Results