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  1. Shopping, Test Driving & Service
    Hi all! Here in Canada, CPO vehicles don't get the additional basic warranty (just powertrain). I was considering the ECP gold or platinum, and was wondering if it covers things that a basic warranty would cover, like electronics, safety features, etc. I'm considering a 2017 XLE which has some...
  2. Canadian Siennas
    Hello, I'm looking at purchasing a new 2013 Sienna here, and the dealership is telling me that the 7 year/120,000km Platinum Extra Care Plan regularly costs $2,800, but they can offer it to me for $2,500. These numbers seem to be off in outer space somewhere, compared to other things I've seen...
  3. Canadian Siennas
    Does Toyota Canada's ECP program cover the Sienna's sliding doors for newer model year (2008) vehicles? The website doesn't seem to list sliding doors or door motors so I'm not sure if the actual plan text indicates whether these are covered parts or not. Also, does anybody know if a second...
1-3 of 3 Results