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  1. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    Hello, we have sienna limited 2006 and recently had some body work done on rear bumper after which multiple issues occurred. The list of issues: Nav system is totally blank, the folding seats got stuck in the folded position, mirrors cannot be adjusted with buttons, AC is not working...
  2. Sienna Care & Maintenance
    I got my sienna CE in 2005 and in 2010, i had left my car without using it for 1 week. When i returned, it never started. Jump starting did not help as the battery was not holding charge. I replaced it with a energizer battery in Walmart last week, 2013, i had left it when i went away for 1...
  3. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    Found out some disturbing news today about certain model year Toyota / Lexus 3.5l V6. check out this site Apparently Toyota has used a rubber hose external oil line that fails with time and can cause serious engine damage. I have not...
1-3 of 3 Results