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  1. Introduction Forum
    Hello, I just purchased a 2008 Sienna XLE last weekend. So far so good. It was a one owner van with 138K miles on the odometer and it is very clean inside and out. The car fax shows most of its service was done at the Toyota dealership so I'm hoping to get at least 200K miles out of it. My wife...
  2. Introduction Forum
    Hello all, my family and I have owned the Sienna since about Feb of last year with about 83k and now she has 108k. We do about 100 or so a day if not a little less. We used to do more. Pearl as mom calls her and Snow White to me. She is a Pearl White 06 Sienna XLE AWD with leather seatings...
  3. Introduction Forum
    Hi everyone. New member new to the van scene. decided to go with a one owner 2013 SE. This is our newer family/wife's vehicle. I've always liked forums for getting ideas and help on my vehicles. Here's a picture.
  4. Introduction Forum
    Hi guys! I recently signed up in this forum. I was at matrix forums before then rav4world and now sienna chat. Just got a 2012 se from a rav4 as we needed a bigger vehicle now that we are expecting our third baby. Sent from Free App
  5. Introduction Forum
    Wow, what a great site! I wish I had found this earlier for support. We now have a 2006 SiennaCE, but have also owned a 2001 CorollaLE and a 1990 4X4 shortbox. We're currently in the process of rigging up our Sienna to pull a NTU 98 Coleman Santa Fe PUP... I'll post more details of our...
  6. Introduction Forum
    Hello from Western NY, where it's above freezing for the first time in weeks. That qualifies as a heat wave in these parts. I'm the owner of a 2011 Toyota Sienna AWD limited. It's been a great car so far. Looking forward to participating in the forum to find answers to questions and perhaps...
  7. Anything Sienna
    Hi there. New to this thread. Seems like a nice forum. Anyone have any issues with the seat heating elements burning on a 2005 Toyota Sienna? Thanks greatly, :-) E.
  8. Introduction Forum
    Hi All - New to the forum, new to Toyota, new to Sienna! We had a 10.5 yr old Nissan Quest that finally just started to let go in regards to the powertrain. With age, and 133k miles, the transmission started slipping, started leaking oil, radio antenna connectors broke from rear windows, and CD...
  9. Introduction Forum
    I recently purchased a 2008 toyota sienna AWD Limited. I love the van but don't like that it doesn't have a spare tire. This is one of the reasons for me joining the forum is to gain some advice from others on here about a good solution.
  10. Introduction Forum
    I am new to the Sienna Chat Forum...but not new to Toyota. I have owned Toyotas all my life, but this is only my second mini van. My first was a 2006 Toyota Sienna, XLE, but recently (April, 2014) traded it and my 2007 Avalon in on a 2013 Toyota Sienna XLE van with 18,000 miles on it. Love...
  11. Introduction Forum
    Sorry, I don't know how to post a pic.
  12. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 3)
    I just took over the lease for the 2011 Sienna SE, I could not find the wheel lock for wheels. Does it come with the car or I have to buy it separately? Thanks in advanced for your input.
  13. Introduction Forum
    Joining the forum because I may be purchasing my mother in laws 2006 Sienna
  14. Introduction Forum
    Hi All, Been reading here since picking up our 2010 Sienna LE AWD Three weeks ago -which is far-and-away the nicest vehicle we've ever owned. Bought from a friend with 70K miles and nary a scratch. In the drive just now are an 85 4WD Tercel Wagon, A 98 Tacoma 4WD Xtra Cab Manual, and a 04 RAV...
  15. Introduction Forum
    Hello All, Just purchased a used 2005 Sienna with 112,000 miles. I came across this using a google search on how to change the transmission fluid. Looks like a good crowd with great information. So I am joining, hoping to learn about the particulars of my vehicle and share stories. :)
  16. Honda Odyssey Forum
    I must say, I'm surprised to see the main Sienna rival with a forum section here. I also have a 2010 Camaro SS, and you will never, and I mean never, see a Mustang forum on the Camaro sites. That said, I was also surprised to see that Mustang owners do tool around the Camaro forums though...
  17. Introduction Forum
    Hello, this is Hugo Rosales, I have looked for Sienna care and maintenance and I found this forum, so I will share what I did my self about maintenance and other stuff. Best regards
  18. Introduction Forum
    I have a 2001 Sienna base model it's served us well 178630 miles on it it's developed some problems now but will be taken care of soon. It's been very reliable tride an true it will become our stand in vehicle when one of the other ones go in for repairs.:)
1-18 of 61 Results