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  1. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    So, I've got a 2008 LE that has what seems to be vibrations in the driveline. I've rotated the wheels a couple of times and had the tires checked and rechecked @ Discountauto for good balance. STlLL the problem remains, particularly at highway speeds. I don't know if the axle has...
  2. General Discussion (Gen 2)
    I posted this elsewhere but thought it needed its own topic. Recently I added an aftermarket trailer hitch to my 06 Sienna. Then proceeded to put a Yakima bike rack into it. After adding 5 bikes, the clearance under the hitch was about 3 inches. This is before I loaded the car up for our trip...
  3. Towing & Hauling
    I’m not finding the unloaded hitch ground clearance for 3rd generation Sienna, 2011+. The existing thread is really about the 2nd gen. What’s yours? For starters I have a 1st generation Sienna with 2” hitch, and am going to get a 3rd gen Sienna. On my 1st gen: - 1.25 or 2” hitch: 2” -...
  4. Mods and Projects (Gen 2)
    Hi, I'm new to the forums and figured some people might want instructions on how to do this. Just bought a 2010 Toyota Sienna this week and found the alternator whine noise to be unbearable over the speakers when something was plugged into the AUX port. A ground loop isolator will fix this...
  5. Mods and Projects (Gen 2)
    Hi! I'm searching how to increase ground clearance on a Sienna. I found this: And
  6. Mods and Projects (Gen 3)
    If so, we need some kind of structure to this as we don't want to just refund everyone back to help out. We'll need 15 people to get you the $15 off the pair of bulbs as agreed. Then I'll make a code and you all can order at the discounted rate. Fair? :)
  7. General Discussion (Gen 2)
    Is there a way to increase the ground clearance on a Sienna? Perhaps adding a strut extender in the front and a spacer in the rear? Has anyone tried this and is willing to share their thoughts? Thanks
  8. Towing & Hauling
    Hi, I've bought a hitch (Hidden Hitch Brand) for my Sienna 2007 two days ago and was quite surprise with the poor resulting ground clearance of my Sienna... 8-1/4 inches when empty... I saw many posts about ways to use air bags to at least maintain a "decent" height above the ground but I...
  9. Towing & Hauling
    Does the van handle towing on gravel & dirt roads with out scrapeing? To tow 1000lbs + a cargo trailer thats 5x8 or 5x10 should I get the class 2 or the class 3? I will be towing the afore mentioned trailer about 600 miles and then about 3 miles across a campground. Thanks, Magnus
  10. Towing & Hauling
    Hullo folks, The main reason I want to put a hitch on my Sienna is for a bike rack. I'm planning to buy/install the u-haul (Valley) hitch, based on comments here about the Valley + Curt hitches, as well as uhaul being the cheapest price that I've found around here (CDN$150). So the next...
  11. Towing Reference
    Excuse my lack of/ misuse of technical jargon. So, I was wiring up my 4-plug light harness and the instructions made sure to tell me I had to ground the white wire but didn't specify where. I ended up sliding the end loop between two metal pieces (you know the bolts holding the jack holder on...
1-11 of 12 Results