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  1. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    2008. High mount lamp works fine. Neither of the lower brake lights work. Otherwise, lights and signals work fine. One of the bulbs is brand new and doesn't work in either side. Also fuses checked and look fine. Ideas?
  2. General Discussion (Gen 2)
    2005 AWD Sienna. With no check eng light, I'm getting a sort of rattle sound coming from the area above the timing cover side of eng. Verified is "NOT" coming from under the cover...So not tensioner, belt, waterpump, idler pulley, etc) in which can not be seen under that cover. (the covers was...
  3. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    With my recent purchase of my 2011 Sienna LE, I've been adding some little toys along the way. One of them is to replace the 6 dome/map lights with LED. They worked fine, but noticed driver side front started to flickered after few days of using, then died. Had it returned with the seller via...
  4. General Discussion (Gen 2)
    I have a 2006 LE Sienna with 80,000 miles. I put the Michelin X-radial on at 42,000. I rotate tire's every 4,000 to 5,000 miles. I"m getting major wear on the outer edge of 2 tires. Tire pressure is always checked. Costco said I have 2/32 left before the wear bars. They come with 11/32 of tire...
  5. Problems & Issues
    2006 LE, about 56K miles. First issue, about 6+ months ago, my power sliding door (only have one) stopped opening/closing via the key fob and button inside. You can pull the handle and it opens and closes fine,but when hitting the button, you can hear it WANTS to open, it TRIES to open, kind of...
  6. Problems & Issues
    I have a 2008 Sienna XLE and when I first put the vehicle in gear there is an odd noise under the front of the vehicle. It sounds like a solenoid or something that last for maybe 1 second and then goes away and does not happen again until the vehicle is cranked and put into gear again. Is there...
1-6 of 6 Results