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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Is it possible to install a fully functional factory navigation head unit on our 2006 Sienna CE? What would I need to make this happen? (tried searching for this topic but no luck) Thanks, Rezilient
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Looking for some advice from someone smarter than I about car audio! My 2007 XLE AWD had the OEM navigation system replaced with an Eclipse unit. I've been troubleshooting a sudden loss of sound from all the speakers. In doing so, I went to check the amplifier which I believed was under the...
  3. OEM & aftermarket products, mods & accessories
    Has anyone changed the OEM fog lights bulbs to yellow bulbs? Please post your opinions and your experiences.
  4. OEM & aftermarket products, mods & accessories
    Just curious what the options are, other than a custom setup, to get this thing a little bit lower to the ground. I don't like the idea of trying to use a lower rate spring from a Camry, since that will defeat some of the handling benefits of lowering (since I'm sure big sway bars don't exist...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    I had posed a similar question before but didn't receive any responses so I'm hoping we have reached more of a critical mass of experienced Sienna-modders. I have a Canadian 2008 Sienna LE with a dealer installed navigation system (E7007 5th Gen). The Nav has bluetooth but there is no...
  6. Sienna Insiders (TSBs & Other Info)
    TSB: PROGRAMMING OEM WIRELESS DOOR LOCK REMOTE TRANSMITTERS This bulletin provides programming instructions of OEM wireless remote transmitters on the models listed below. Your Mod Team.
  7. OEM & aftermarket products, mods & accessories
    I just picked this up today. It just adds a little "class" to your sienna. You can use it to store your owner manual as well as data/maintenence records. Clasp is magnetic. Nice badge on the front. Cost is $6.60(canadian) part # C0090-00002-TY
  8. Towing & Hauling
    I've actually decided to get the Toyota OEM hitch, but don't feel like paying the dealership 100 bucks to install it. How easy is it to install the hitch (from what i know it's only 4 bolts). Anyone have an issues with the install or possibly have some pics? Thanks!!
  9. Towing & Hauling
    Please help. I got a DPS 1 1/4' installed and have some question? I'm planning on towing the trailer 2200 lbls. 1. Does it work with DWS ? 2. Since it too low to the ground I'd like to install the airlift. However, can I also install the DWS after the airlift ? Thanks for your help. Tom.
  10. How To Guides / Do It Yourself Instructions
    I am going to sign up Toyota TIS for a couple of days to download OEM manual for my 2009 Sienna. I notice folks discussed ALLDATA in other post. However ALLDATA does not appear to offer manual for 2009 model yet. I am wondering if anybody has ever used TIS before and if two day marathon download...
  11. Mobile Electronics
    For the life of me I cannot find how to display a clock on the navi screen. It seems that you can set the time zone and whether daylight savings time is active, but no clock display. Is this possible?
  12. Towing Reference
    In a recent discussion (Car top carrier) the idea of a Dual Port System (DPS) cargo box was raised. I thought that this system deserved its own topic... Example Dual Port System cargo carrier Yes, it looks like the Dual-Port System (DPS). Although the hitch is sold by Toyota as an OEM...
  13. Sienna Care & Maintenance
    I ordered brake pads and oil filters from Danville Toyota and I had them on the third day. Their prices were competitive and I got them quicker than I would of if I had to order them locally. I enjoyed talking to Doug and I found him very helpful. If you're lookig for OEM parts, give them a try...
  14. Sienna Care & Maintenance
    I'm switching to Mobile 1 5w-30 Synthetic at around 10k miles. Is it OK to use the OEM filter with synthetic. I've read from somewhere that the OEM is not good for synthetic since blar blar~~~ saying some particles are too small to be filtered by the OEM. Any advices?
  15. Towing & Hauling
    I am a electrician and use my sienna for work carrying ladders and pipes. I have outgrown my oem roof rack cross bars. I find myself constantly taking a long time to tie/secure the ladders to the roof rack. I have looked at aftermarket professional ladder racks and it appears drilling is...
181-195 of 197 Results