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  1. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    Picked up a CPO 2015 Sienna LE with 6,300 miles on it abouttwo weeks ago and already put on close to 1,500 trouble free miles. So far so good, this is our first Toyotaafter many years of driving Honda’s (wife) and me Subaru’s. Anyhow there are a couple of tweaks we wouldlike to make and I hope...
  2. Introduction Forum
    We have a 2007 Odyssey which has served us well but has the typical Honda issue of noise as the car gets older. This has been true of a few Hondas we've had and we're switching to Toyota since they seem to stay quieter than Hondas in general. We're looking at Certified Siennas, 2011 to 2015...
  3. Introduction Forum
    Hi everyone. Just bought an 08 Sienna for some traveling and garage saling. Been reading posts for weeks on different van forums before making a decision on which brand to buy. Well Toyota won (I hope I won). It seams every manufacturer has a percentage of owners that love them or hate them or...
  4. Introduction Forum
    Hello everyone, we just got our 2015 Sienna last weekend, it's also my first Toyota, we had our new born 3 month ago, wife really likes the sliding door of minivan. It's nice to join everyone here at SiennaChat, the thread that Shien had for the 2012 sound deadening project is really awesome.
  5. Introduction Forum
    Newish owner. Hope to borrow some good advice fro the group.
  6. Introduction Forum
    Hi all! Just browsing around sans contributions for the time being. CarMax is shipping a 2012 LE AWD with about 50K miles to us sometime in the next three weeks. I like to do as much of my own maintenance as I can, so I figure this is the place to learn the Sienna specifics. I saw something...
  7. Introduction Forum
    Hey folks, Recently purchased a 2006 Sienna Limited, silver, with 50K miles. Basic on its service history it apparently spent a fair amount of time in Hawaii and California. Bought in Seattle, live in Eugene, OR. PS. I tried looking for the spot to add my vehicle info to my signature but...
  8. General Discussion (Gen 2)
    Hello everyone, just bought a very clean 2004 Sienna LE with 127k on it for a fair price at a dealer. I had an 03 Honda Pilot and had so many problems with it I gladly gave it the boot. The van is one-owner but the maintenance records don't show the timing belt ever being replaced so that is a...
  9. Introduction Forum
    Hello everyone, I just bought a 2015 Sienna LE and its my first Toyota ever. Just got out of a 2007 Chrysler Town n Country Touring. So far I love this van, find it more powerful than the 266 horses it is to have.
  10. Introduction Forum
    So we just bought our first Sienna. So far we love it. Looking forward to using this forum for help on info about the vehicle and basic maintenance and repair tips and tricks.
  11. Introduction Forum
    We were looking for a vehicle that we could haul our six grandkids around. After checking out the Honda and Kia vans, we decided to replace our 2011 Ford Escape. We picked up our Sienna a couple of days ago. Looking forward to browsing your forum and getting good info about all of the...
  12. Introduction Forum
    Hi all! This weekend, we test drove a '13 and a '14 Sienna LE at our local Toyota dealer. After some discussion, the decision was not IF we were going to buy a Sienna, but WHEN. At this point, it is going to be about 2 to 3 months before we purchase, and when we do, we will be looking for an...
  13. Introduction Forum
    Just purchased a 2015 LE from Daytona Toyota. Think we did well. Took forever to close, wife was not budging from our own idea of what was a good deal and what we wanted to pay.
  14. Introduction Forum
    I just recently bought my first Toyota, a 2007 Sienna LE. I am a 21 year old male and I was looking for a reliable SUV to get me through college. The dealer ended up convincing me to buy the Sienna. For having 126000 miles on it, it runs like new! So far I am enjoying it, it runs well and I am...
  15. Shopping, Test Driving & Service
    We test-drove a new LE and an SE back to back and noticed a few differences from our '13 LE fwd with 58K on it.The new LE felt a lot tighter in the handling department than our '13 LE. And of course, the display was a lot nicer, including the backup camera. The new SE felt a lot heavier as far...
  16. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    Thought I would post some thoughts on the 2015 Sienna as we are now on our third Sienna in 10 years: First Sienna was a 2005 XLE, Second was a 2011 Limited FWD with DVD Player and current Sienna is a 2015 Limited FWD. I must say that I am impressed with the 2015 over the 2011. The 2015 is...
  17. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    Hi everyone, After a lot of debate and introspection, our young family of four has decided on a 2015 Sienna Limited. At the end it was between an Infiniti QX60 and the Sienna. I am told that there is not one available Sienna nearby that matched the colour and trim that we want. So it will...
  18. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    Hello Everyone, am a proud owner of a 2015 sienna se. Always thought about getting sienna since renting one years ago for a family vacation. My last 6 cars were bmws; 3 m3s, 535, 135, 335 (all manual). yes it is a big change but with my growing family, it just makes a more sense. My wife's rx...
  19. Anything Sienna
    Lost the key to 2006 toyota sienna the spare key in the glove box will crank the engine but it will not start what do i do now?
  20. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    2000 Sienna CE FOR SALE by owner 156k miles Very clean & runs great $3800 Cash only!Call or text Thamer: (440) 269-0408 Cleveland, Ohio
1-20 of 154 Results