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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Just got a 2019 Sienna with 20K miles. Pretty happy with it so far except for one thing. I have a google pixel 6 and it connected fine to Entune bluetooth. Everything works, audio, messages, contacts, etc. However when I make a call to bob, the screen displays "dialing bob.." and just stays...
  2. Anything Sienna
    If hubby rides in my van then his I phone connects immediately. When I get in my car these days it won’t connect to my Samsung. It gives me a choice but when I choose connect phone it doesn’t..driving me
  3. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    Does anyone else use their phone during trips or commuting? When looking to buy one, sure there are lots of reviews about if they like that holder. But I haven't seen any specific to the 2nd gen Sienna. Does anyone here really like what they are using? Can you link to it? Do you use a vent...
  4. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 3)
    Bluetooth for phone on my 2014 Sienna somehow accidentally turned off. How do I turn it back on? Thanks!
  5. General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Hi all, Do you guys have any suggestions for connecting the smart phone to the 1998 sienna's audio system? I hope there are some ~$20 method to do it. Thanks
  6. Mobile Electronics
    I have in the past successfully connected both the phone and audio player from my Android phone via Bluetooth. Now, I can use the phone via Bluetooth, but not the audio player from my phone. My phone shows "connected to phone and audio player" (or something to that effect) but when I try to...
  7. Mobile Electronics
    Bought my Sienna two months ago to replace another one that I had for a while. Programmed mine and my wife's phones into the handsfree system OK. System worked well placing and receiving calls. Last week I programmed my Iphone 4S into the Bluetooth Audio system - that worked OK. I then tried...
  8. Mods and Projects (Gen 3) This is my car dock for my phone. I love it, but I'm having a time figuring out how to use it in the Sienna. I cannot windshield mount it as I'm too...
  9. Anything Sienna
    When the phone rings it about has my nerves rattling it is so loud - same with guidance voice. How can I lower the volume...thanks
  10. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    So I have noticed since i got the new car and synced my phone that once I am away from the car the phone will not ring normally...any suggestions? If I turn off the phone and restart it its ok, but can be annoying to do that all the time. Dieter
1-10 of 40 Results