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  1. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    This is a brand new genuine Toyota Sienna (2011-2016) Front License Plate Bracket. It is unopened. I got it with my Sienna, but I live in PA where it is not required. The Toyota part number is 75101-08010. The dealer price is $45.89. I am asking $25 + shipping ($5). I will ship USPS by the most...
  2. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    We just purchased an '08 Sienna LE AWD from a Dodge dealership here in town. And of course they tried to use some huge screws self tapping for the license plate. They only got them in half a turn. So I'm wondering what the original license plate screws would be for this year? Thanks!
  3. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    I am looking for the E7007 faceplate for sale, anyone have one. My screen have a crack in the middle, unable to have the touch function. Looking for a replacement parts. Thank you Des [email protected]
  4. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    Can anyone please help me find the mounting plate, wiring harness, remote, video input jack??? Thank you all in advance.
  5. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    I can't figure out how to change the license plate light bulbs on my wife's car. Anyone have any insight?
  6. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    I have some wiring to pass through the cabin and want to just tuck it under the sides of the carpet. The scuff plate on our power sliding door is held on very tight on the inside. I can pop up the clips on the outside of the plate just by pulling up firmly, but the inside seems like it's held...
  7. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    Just bought one. Thanks for looking.
  8. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    I just bought the van (2006 Sienna) and it appears both license plate lights are out.Do you have to reach through the small opening on the inside of the liftgate?
  9. Shopping, Test Driving & Service
    we're about to pull the trigger on a 2013 XLE within a week. we would like to get a custom license plate. our other 2 cars have them but we got them after we purchased the cars. if memory serves me right, the DMV charges you the registration fee if you want this done. so we had to wait right...
  10. Mods and Projects (Gen 3)
    i finally got my hand on the new 2013 sienna SE. i told the dealership not to drill holes on front bumper for the plate. other than zip-tie the plate onto the lower front grille, is there alternate place where i can mount the front plate? has anyone done something like this? if yes, please post...
  11. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    I just received the led bulbs for the license plate. What is up with toyota design. I can't believe you have to take the entire rear hatch trim off to just replace the bulbs. Anyone do this to their Sienna? Its really cold here in Chicago right now and I am afraid once I pull the trim off it...
  12. Problems & Issues
    Anyone know where this fuse located? How about the fuse for the rear stereo?
  13. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    I was thinking of the following: "Where my kids at?" "I will never drive a minivan..." They see me rollin' they hatin' Anything else?
  14. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    Has anybody swapped out their license plate bulbs to LEDs on a 2012 model? The owners manual says to several remove "button" clips from the interior cover of the tailgate. However, looking at the inside cover, I don't see any clips at all. My 2007 Camry has "button" clips in the liner of the...
  15. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    Like the title says, i'm looking for a 2nd gen Sienna front license plate holder. If you have one that you're not using, let me know how much you want for it. Thanks.
  16. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    PRICE DROPPED $250 SHIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Guys, I have a brand new double din 7" screen navigation head unit. Brand name XOVision model # XOD1840BTNAVI, below are the specifications: Manufacturer: XO Vision.Part Number:XOD1840BTNAVI..General Product Type Navigation system with DVD...
  17. General Discussion (Gen 2)
    My new to me '07 Sienna has no place for a front license plate mount. I sure as heck don't want to drill into the front bumper, so far I am thinking of just using zipties to secure the plate in the grill but there must be a bracket option out there?
  18. OEM & aftermarket products, mods & accessories
    Also I don't know what to choose between WLED-x6 bulb or WLED-x5 bulb. Is there something else better and better ? - John
  19. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    I just bought a brand new 2011 Sienna Limited, and the dealer used cheap license plate screws that are already starting to rust. Anyone know the threading used for the License Plate Screws/Bolts on the 2011 Sienna ? I'm trying to find some good Stainless Steel ones to replace whats on there...
  20. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    I replaced mine with a chrome one from a Limited, so if you have a silver shadow pearl CE (where the trim piece is black), or a Limited (and you don't like the chrome), or yours is scratched up, feel free to shoot me an offer. It's just gathering dust at home. The trim piece I'm talking about is...
1-20 of 22 Results