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  1. Shopping, Test Driving & Service
    New to the forum, having used to be a member of the old Yahoo Previa forum, those were the days. Anyways, I have a 93 Toyota Previa that is about to round 310K miles. Still running, mystery random transmission downshift, usually at speed, that my mechanic doesn't think is worth the time to...
  2. Minivan Comparisons
    I found two vans: 96 Previa LE S/C, 107 Kmiles, $4,000, excellent condition 2009 Sienna LE, 109 Kmiles, $11,000, excellent condition I can afford either one. Money is not a problem. But I always look for the best value, the highest return for any investment. I plan to drive either van for...
  3. 1984 - 1997 Toyota Van & Previa Minivans
    I was thinking our Previa section was a little bare and lonely. Those of you who have owned or still own one, please share some of your experiences (good or bad), stories/memories, and maybe even some pics too. I still see a lot of them regularly here in SoCal and a friend used to have one a...
  4. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    Longshot, but here it goes... No use for them anymore. Brand new in the box. $40 shipped to the 48 states..SOLD
1-4 of 5 Results