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  1. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 1)
    Hi I have 2003 Toyota Sienna with VVTi 1MZ-FE engine and A541E transmission. If I replace the transmission from junkyard, would it be a simple plug and play or do I need to do any computer or software update or adjust?
  2. General Discussion (Gen 4)
    Our new ‘22 Limited AWD is being delivered tomorrow and our ‘06 Limited is becoming our teenage drivers first ride. It’s still very close to the way it looked 16 years and 240k miles ago with no rust even though we are in Ohio. Every year or so we had it “oil sprayed” with SIGNAL 150 (frame...
  3. General Discussion (Gen 1)
    2003 Sienna LE FWD What is this wire? It's spliced into one of the ignition coil connector wire, I tried to trace that wire but unable to follow it all the way inside engine bay. This connection is poorly done and does not look factory at all. Bank 2 coil #6 No trouble codes.
  4. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 1)
    (PREVIOUSLY NAMED "B/C OF SPARK PLUG) Hi everybody, maybe someone out there can shed some light on this: Three different mechanics in California have told me it will cost around $2,000.00 (yes, 2K) to replace the KNOCK SENSORS in my 2002 Toyota Sienna Symphony. Two different smog places have...
  5. General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I wonder how much the first Gen Sienna cost when they were brand new from dealer back in 1998-2003? Please comment your price if you bought yours new either CE, LE, XLE and either in USD or CAD. Thanks
  6. General Discussion (Gen 4)
    July 26th Edition by Mike Schmidt of Edmunds
  7. Anything Sienna
    So I purchased my 2013 Sienna XLE new in 2013. We purchased the warranty for 8 yrs 125k miles for $2500. During this time we had the warranty replace one front strut $600 a trip to NY pothole. $1300 for a new radio because Bluetooth stoped working. $1000 for a water pump and $400 for washer...
  8. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 4)
    Somebody brought this up with a discussion about the rear door not closing all the way. They had this happen to them on Day 1; our LE AWD has had this happen in the first month. As you can see, it shows part of our license plate in the monitor (and no comments about our driveway, okay?). I'm...
  9. Shopping, Test Driving & Service
    New to the forum, having used to be a member of the old Yahoo Previa forum, those were the days. Anyways, I have a 93 Toyota Previa that is about to round 310K miles. Still running, mystery random transmission downshift, usually at speed, that my mechanic doesn't think is worth the time to...
  10. General Discussion (Gen 4)
    June & 2021 Sienna Hybrid 8,674 56,804 Rav4 Hybrid 7,054 52,546 Rav4 Prime 2,975 9,667 Highlander Hybrid 4,877 34,528...
  11. General Discussion (Gen 4)
    2021 Sienna Campervan build out by Oasis Campervan with pictures. They must have the secret for safely removing the 2nd row seats.
  12. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 4)
    Does anyone have this problem with the new Sienna? If you leave the passenger sliding auto door in the open position with the car off, after a couple of hours, in our 21 Sienna, the auto door stops working. Even after turning on the ignition and running the car. So then the only way to close the...
  13. Shopping, Test Driving & Service
    Hi, Only my second post on here so far...we're looking at a 2019 Sienna XLE AWD with 20k miles. It's at a (non-Toyota) dealer and they want $36,750. Is this a fair price? It does have the back seat screen for the kids, not that we'll use it but I guess that's an extra feature. I know there are...
  14. General Discussion (Gen 4)
  15. Anything Sienna
    A mechanic that works on Sienna, is that far and few in between? New to me, 2006 Sienna XLE AWD, and I bought it without knowledge of all the issues. Now I’m searching for reasonable costing repairs. I started at the DEALERSHIP and they were very little help and charged $160. I got chastised...
  16. General Discussion (Gen 4)
    We've had our new 2021 Sienna for just about a week now and have loved it! No complaints except for an issue that has come up sporadically and only 3-4 times this week. When slightly braking for long, drawn out stretches there have been several times when the brakes let up. Not completely but...
  17. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 3)
    I have a 2011 Toyota Sienna V6 3.5 L. Last night someone threw something out their truck and it nailed my oil pan and put a leak in it. I was just wondering if anyone has any lessons learned from dropping the oil pan on this vehicle. Does the engine need to be lifted at all or is it pretty...
  18. Mobile Electronics
    We recently purchased a 2015 Sienna and we need to disable the Bluetooth. When I get into the settings, I can see the option to power off the bluetooth, but it will not let me do it? Is there a way I can access the controls to turn off Bluetooth completely?
  19. General Discussion (Gen 4)
    Only the Sienna was recommended. The Overall Scores were Sienna 77, Pacifica 70, Odyssey 68 Sienna had no red balls, but yellow for predicted reliability, fit-finish, and routine handling. The rest were green. Pacifica had a red ball for decreasing reliability, yellow for routine handling...
  20. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 3)
    My 2018 Toyota Sienna XLE recently got into a rear collision. I got repaired at a nearby body shop. After a few days of driving, the master light turned on. It said "Blindspot monitoring unavailable" And " Rear Cross Traffic alert unavailable" I unhooked my back bumper. I saw nothing wrong (to...
1-20 of 342 Results