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  1. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 3)
    I have an 05 sienna and I started having an intermittent OH problem these last few weeks. We've had record heat in our area these last few months and one day the van OH so I pulled over and added some water. After it cooled down we drove with no issues for a few days. Now rinse and repeat for...
  2. Shopping, Test Driving & Service
    Hi all, I'm shopping for a Sienna XLE and I called a few dealers today (7/14/22), and here are the mark-ups or accessory charges over MSRP they quoted: Toyota Oxnard - $10,000 above MSRP Toyota Simi - ~$7,000 above MSRP Toyota Cerritos (the worst) - Very evasive, didn't give me any number...
  3. Shopping, Test Driving & Service
    I'm trying to buy a Sienna which obviously seems easier said than done in 2022. The one thing I've got going for me is I'm driving from California to Washington this week so I can visit pretty much any dealer on the West Coast. Of course, I'd rather avoid paying a huge market adjustment fee. Any...
  4. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 1)
    I have a sienna 2002 has miss fire in the three cylinders of bank 1, it loses power. Once the catalytic is changed, the entire exhaust line is checked, injector change is, spark plug change, coil change, maf sensor change, intake gaskets change, fuel pump change, pcv valve and it still has the...
  5. Shopping, Test Driving & Service
    I don't understand why the used 2021 Siennas are more expensive than a new one with all the add ons. The only thing is I can get the used one right now, but the new one I was told would be a 24month wait... That is insane. Do I spend 10k more on a used... or do I buy new, wait two years and...
  6. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 3)
    Hi guys, 2011 Sienna Limited 110k, I just got dead TPMS battery on the left rear one. I did lots of research, finally decided to buy the one suggested BH SENSE RDE072V21in RockAuto for OE replacement. I am surprised with its quality. Its production date was very recent. It came preprogrammed...
  7. How To Guides / Do It Yourself Instructions
    Hey all! My brakes were doing the tell tail squeak, so since I needed to do a break job, I created a video of the step by step instructions on how to do it. I'm not a professional mechanic, I am a software geek, but I'm also cheap and like to do things myself when I can. Would love any...
  8. Anything Sienna
    Howdy all, so, Journey off road lift kits for Sienna's have been out a number of years now, there's been a fair amount of conjecture about Journey off-road kits being too extreme for components, possibly leading to premature wear basically. I talked to Kendall Toyota in bend, they basically...
  9. General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Hello, about a week ago I got a low oil pressure warning on my 6 cylinder. I didn’t think much about except to check the oil, sure enough it was low so I added a quart. Then yesterday I discovered a leak from the oil pan area on the passenger side, I estimate at least 25 percent or more of a...
  10. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 3)
    I have a 2011 Sienna that shakes starting at 70 mph and the shaking gets worse the faster I go. I have replaced both passenger and driver side cv axles and replaced the front motor mount. I did replace the cv axles with aftermarket axles.I replaced all the tires and had them rechecked for...
  11. Mods and Projects (Gen 2)
    I just purchased a 2010 XLE AWD with the intention of doing a semi-camper buildout. First step was the lift; I put the Journey’s Off-road 3” lift on and bumped up the tire size to get an additional 1” of clearance. With the new lift and tires, the rear diff is just over 10” off the ground...
  12. Mods and Projects (Gen 2)
    Made a ladder for a 2006 Sienna.
  13. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    Hitch receiver 1-1/4”, off 2021 Sienna. Never used, with hardware. San Diego area. Came with my new vehicle. I replaced it with 2”. Make a reasonable offer and it’s yours! Good for bike rack, smaller towing loads.
  14. Shopping, Test Driving & Service
    Hi everybody, I am planning to buy a Sienna to go on long trips with my family. It needs to be very reliable, that is why I am looking for either a new one or very low milage. I would be so happy to hear your experience/recommendations. Thanks much
  15. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 1)
    Hi I have 2003 Toyota Sienna with VVTi 1MZ-FE engine and A541E transmission. If I replace the transmission from junkyard, would it be a simple plug and play or do I need to do any computer or software update or adjust?
  16. General Discussion (Gen 4)
    Our new ‘22 Limited AWD is being delivered tomorrow and our ‘06 Limited is becoming our teenage drivers first ride. It’s still very close to the way it looked 16 years and 240k miles ago with no rust even though we are in Ohio. Every year or so we had it “oil sprayed” with SIGNAL 150 (frame...
  17. General Discussion (Gen 1)
    2003 Sienna LE FWD What is this wire? It's spliced into one of the ignition coil connector wire, I tried to trace that wire but unable to follow it all the way inside engine bay. This connection is poorly done and does not look factory at all. Bank 2 coil #6 No trouble codes.
  18. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 1)
    (PREVIOUSLY NAMED "B/C OF SPARK PLUG) Hi everybody, maybe someone out there can shed some light on this: Three different mechanics in California have told me it will cost around $2,000.00 (yes, 2K) to replace the KNOCK SENSORS in my 2002 Toyota Sienna Symphony. Two different smog places have...
  19. General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I wonder how much the first Gen Sienna cost when they were brand new from dealer back in 1998-2003? Please comment your price if you bought yours new either CE, LE, XLE and either in USD or CAD. Thanks
  20. General Discussion (Gen 4)
    July 26th Edition by Mike Schmidt of Edmunds
1-20 of 356 Results