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  1. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 1)
    Hey y'all; been wanting a more reliable vehicle and Sick of throwing parts at the two dodge dakotas i have so i'm saving towards something else. Here is a 2001 Sienna for $2500 (hope to get them way down from this). History report on it looks great but the man has no maintenance records for it...
  2. General Discussion (Gen 2)
    Ok, dumb title, I know... But I guess I can almost be welcomed to the Sienna ownership club. On Monday I go into the dealership to finalize papers on the purchase of a 2008 limited awd (want awd because I will be towing a couple of waverunner with it and didn't want to get stuck trying to...
  3. General Discussion (Gen 1)
    When I changed the oil in my 1999 Sienna I noticed lots of little chunks of crud in the bottom of the drain pan... So I cut open the oil filter. It was full of crud. This is the third oil change since I bought it in October. Because there is crud in the oil I think that the oil filter is clogged...
1-3 of 3 Results