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  1. Mods and Projects (Gen 3)
    Anybody in the SoCal (LA/OC) area knows a reputable shop to install the lowering spring ? Thinking about going with RS-R. Just want to get it done right. Thanks all !
  2. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    So many nice local fam rides and active forum folks, it would be cool to have a gathering. If any interest, maybe start a local FB page so we can discuss details offline. Just thinking aloud. Any thoughts? :8)
  3. Introduction Forum
    Hi there, Just picked up a 14' Super White Sienna SE w/Nav (Entune) and Sunroof this past weekend. Traded in my custom ordered 13' Ford Raptor Supercrew and never looked back. Not my first go around in the minivan scene. Owned an 07' CE for a few years then a 96' RA1. LOVING the new van and...
  4. Introduction Forum
    shout out to every body thanks for welcoming me here just bought a 2014 sienna
  5. Introduction Forum
    Hello, Just wanted to say "hello" and thank everyone who contributes to this forum. I have already taken advantage of info here to help solve issues like "snapping" noise related to the driver's door hinge and for diagrams and parts info. A very helpful resource. My '05 XLE Limited, a few...
  6. Introduction Forum
    Greetings! I just purchased this past weekend a 2011 LE, Predawn Mica to replace a '98 4Runner (purchased in '97). It's the wife's car, I drive a Scion xB which I purchased last Mar ('10), which replaced a 10 year old Honda Civic (250K miles) This is our first minivan and definitely fits our...
1-6 of 9 Results