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  1. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    I have a 2020 Sienna LTD AWD. For the first time I loaded up 5 kids in the van and was about to let the 9 year old ride in the front seat as the 2 middle rows were full and the rear row quite crowded with 2 boosters. She didn't use a booster so I figured front seat invite would be...
  2. Anything Sienna
    Just got my XLE Sienna, but I notice the SRS warning is on all the time after I turn on the engine. When I test drove yesterday, it seems okay, and doesn't turn on. We also installed today the SkyLink protection system, not sure if that's problem. I guess I have to drive to dealership servicing...
  3. Anything Sienna
    In in January of 2014 I received a letter informing me of a warranty extension for a possible faulty connector that causes the SRS warning light to malfunction. Sure enough, the light started to flash. So I looked for the letter, but could not find it. I took my Sienna to the dealer anyway...
  4. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    Hi All, Last 2 days heavy down pour in Boston, MA. I went back for getting stuff from the cargo area and found that water dripping from SRS Air Bag area (air bag area is sealed but water is dripping some how). This is located beside the 2nd row captain seat behind the driver. The other side...
  5. Problems & Issues
    Hi my 2008 sienna recently had the SRS light go on and stay on and since then i cannot get my cruise control to work the switch will not turn on, are these 2 circuits interlocked with each other? I could not find the fuse to check the cruise does anyone know the location of it?
  6. Sienna Insiders (TSBs & Other Info)
    This TSB will replace one or both of the side air bags if you have the Safety Restraint System (SRS) Maintenance Indicator Light (MIL) light and the associated code.
  7. How To Guides / Do It Yourself Instructions
    Hi, Here are the instructions with some additional pictures on how to reset the airbag light. Took me a few tries (less than 10 minutes) and saved me a trip to the stealership. The arrow shows the grounding point I used to ground the test leads on. I also attached paper clips into the...
  8. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    Hi, I wanted to share my current issue and try to understand if I am alone in this situation. I have a 2011 Limited with CX and Premium packages, very pleased with the vehicle in general. Having owned Toyota (Lexus) vehicles for the past 18 years without a single issue, when the time came for a...
1-8 of 8 Results