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  1. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    Replaced my wheels with some nice five spoke Camry wheels. These are no longer needed. They are in fair condition. I won't ship these but will deliver for free within 150 miles of my location(17856). Contact me for pictures, more info, and my asking price, which is very reasonable.
  2. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    Hello all! Wanted to share a link to my ebay listing for a set of snow tires and wheels I'm selling. Used only two seasons. Thanks for considering! Summary below (see listing for photos and details): Applies to 3rd gen Siennas (2011 - 2020) 235/60R17 Bridgestone Blizzak, 10/32" tread left...
  3. Mods and Projects (Gen 4)
    Hey everybody! I am fairly new to the sienna life, but have been in LOVE with this minivan! It checks all boxes IMO besides the OEM ground clearance, and off roading capabilities. I plan on installing the Journey 3” lift kit, and want to get a better wheel/tire set up for some light off roading...
  4. General Discussion (Gen 4)
    Hi. Canada here. I'm having trouble finding a set of black alloy rims for this van here. 2022 AWD XSE 18" The plastic silver factory ones are fine for winter but i want to get a sharp looking set of black rims to match the Red Paint for the summer. But I want to get close to factory specs...
  5. Mods and Projects (Gen 3)
    I have a set of wheels that I need to use spacers to optimize fitment. I'd like to be as non-intrusive as possible to the stock hardware and this poses a problem as I would probably have to cut some length off the lugs for the wheel to seat correctly on the spacer. My wheels have a dual bolt...
  6. General Discussion (Gen 4)
    I just got into a 2021 XLE Pre-Dawn grey and my wife is looking to add a little more flare. I plan on getting the OEM size (17x7) and hope to lose some weight. Does anyone have the weight on the stock XLE 17"? Let me see what you've got I want to get some inspiration.
  7. Introduction Forum
    Hi, y'all, I recently inherited this 09 Sienna LE. It's been in the family since 2010. This week I put over 3,000 miles on it, the only fault I've noticed is the rear right hubcap which has decided to no longer be part of the car. I'm looking for either a replacement hubcap, or XLE/Limited...
  8. Mods and Projects (Gen 3)
    Hey everyone. Proud owner of a 2017 LE AWD just purchased about two weeks ago. Really happy with it so far, but as we get into winter I had a question about switching to a set of snow tires. My last car was a 2007 Saturn with no TPMS, and I owned a set of snow tires on steel wheels. In the...
  9. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    I'm looking to have an extra set of the 17" 5-spoke wheels that come on L and LE models of the Sienna (maybe others) If you have a complete set, I'm interested. I'm located in Asheville NC and can receive freight at the dock at work. 28803
  10. Tires, Wheels, & Tire Pressure Monitors (TPMS)
    I'm looking for a 2nd set of wheels for our 2015 Sienna. I found a set for sale locally but the seller doesn't know the TPMS ID's. Is there a way to determine the ID's from just the wheels? Are the ID's written on the sensors so if I remove the tires I can see? Thanks, ac
  11. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    So, I've got a 2008 LE that has what seems to be vibrations in the driveline. I've rotated the wheels a couple of times and had the tires checked and rechecked @ Discountauto for good balance. STlLL the problem remains, particularly at highway speeds. I don't know if the axle has...
  12. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    Basically brand new set of wheels and tires from my Toyota Sienna. Vehicle is one month old with just over 1K miles. Upgraded to 20" wheels. Has Dunlop 235/50/19 tires. New new new!! Asking $1299 on CL, but will cut a deal for a local SiennaChat member. Located in Southern California...
  13. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    I'm looking for a set of dedicated winter wheels and understand that our cars run a 5x114.3 pattern. Was wondering if there are any other aftermarket or other OEM wheels people have run successfully, since I understand the need for proper offset. FWIW, I'm currently running 19" SE wheels and...
  14. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    As the title says. Need to know asap! my stock michelins are shot at 30k miles. would prefer to run truck tires due to them possibly lasting longer. again, looking at 245 65 r17. stock tires are 235 65 r17 michelin primacy tires. Thanks!
  15. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 2)
    I am thinking of acquiring new alloys that do not come with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). Is it easy enough to transfer the old ones from the OEM steel wheels to the new wheels ? Are there any other considerations?
  16. Problems, Maintenance, and Repair (Gen 3)
    Hello,I have a Sienna CE 2010, last week start a hammering noise in front wheels when I turning the steering wheel to the left side, it's a strong noise. and the last day started when I turn the wheel to the right too.Somebody knows what could be the problem?I appreciate your help.Thank you.Sergio.
  17. Mods and Projects (Gen 2)
    I've ordered winter tires, and now I need to get four wheels to match. I'm not finding much on CL. If I could get along with bright chrome Lexus wheels, I could have my pick. I like the 14 hole the van came with fine. LKQ (local recycled parts yard) has these for $130. LKQ has 5 spoke...
  18. General Discussion (Gen 3)
    I've noticed the wheels on my 2011 SE are "fading". You can black thru the gray and some spots are black. This vehicle has been VERY maintained and cleaned weekly, no its not like brake dust is eating thru the paint. I even apply wax to wheels when cleaning it. Anyone else had this problem.
  19. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    Looking for a set(4) of 19" 6 spoke wheels for a 2011 sienna. Let me know what you have and how much you want. Located in Utah 801-200-8468
  20. Buy Sell Trade & Group Buys
    Brand new in box Five AD wheels model S5F Gunmetal 2x 19x9.5 +35 2x 19x9.5 +25 $550.00 shipped within US mailing address
1-20 of 202 Results