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02 Sienna changed timing belt, now low power.

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I have a 2002 XLE Sienna, and after changing the timing belt I noticed that there doesn't seem to be much high end power, like trying to pass on the freeway. I did notice that I had a hard time getting the teeth to line up on the crank sprocket when the marks were lined up, so I rotated the crank just a little to get the teeth on. Then I installed the hyrdaulic tensioner and put everything back together. My thought is maybe I ended up being off one tooth, but would this cause low power??

Thanks for your input
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It is very possible that you are off a tooth. After installing the belt, did you rotate the engine by hand a couple of revolutions to check the marks? Sometimes it is possible to inadvertently end up with slack between two pulleys.
I once had a belt that would always be off at least a tooth after rotating by hand, even though the marks were correct. After three failed attempts, I rotated the crank pulley so it was off a tooth, then installed the belt. This time the timing was correct after rotating the engine by hand.
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