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06 overheated P0117, P0327, P0332

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My 2006 Sienna started making a funny clicking noise but I couldn’t safety pull over for another half mile. When I finally did it was overheating steaming like crazy. The oil and coolant levels seem okay but it’s throwing codes P0117, P0332, and P0327. I’m afraid my engine is fried. If the engine gets hot enough to break the block sensors is it worth fixing?
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Sort the cooling system then see how it runs. Hopefully it survived. If it doesn’t run right or you get misfire codes, weigh the cost and effort of further diagnosis against the likelihood that it won’t be a cheap or easy fix. Just checking compression takes the better part of a day. The effort might be better spent looking for a replacement engine or replacement car :(

‘04 LE FWD 198K miles
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