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1998-2012 Sienna Campaigns and Service Bulletins

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Ever wondered if there was a fix for a Sienna problem? Attached is a PDF of information from TIS - the Toyota Information System. It contains the titles of the following for the 1998-2012 Toyota Sienna.
  1. Campaigns - This includes Safety Recalls, Customer Support Programs, Limited Service Campaigns, and Special Service Campaigns - 37 documents
  2. United States Service Bulletins - 476 documents
  3. Canada Service Bulletins - 328 documents
When searching the file, be aware there are some spelling errors. These come from Toyota. The document titles use Toyota's numbering and sorting, so things are a little messed up, as their system has changed with time. TIS is intended to be searched with specific criteria to reduce the data set. These lists were made without any search criteria.


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