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2000 Sienna XLE dash overdrive light

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Hi everybody.
I have a 2000 XLE that the trans O/D light OFF is not illuminating when I push the button. The trans shifts accordingly though, meaning I have a 4-speed all the time. I got the car back from my kid after letting her drive it for a couple years and had to replace the trans with a used one w/120k from a wreck, but it shifts great. We did replace the torque converter (correct one) and fluid (proper fluid). I can't find a ground strap that we missed or a fuse gone bad. Any suggestions on where to look next or help would be greatly appreciated! I'm a pretty good wrench and this has me stumped! I had to miss something somewhere. Probably something easy I forgot. Lol
Thanks folks!
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why would the cause from hid headlights?
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