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2001 sienna blower motor issues

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Trying to work on my moms van 2001 sienna, front ac and heat works, the rea does not. Im gunna check fuses. What is throwing me is my mom says she shuts off all air, and just turns on the rear blower motor and no air comes out of rear vents, but she says she can hear air blowing under the dash.

Is there vents that go from the rear blower to the front that could've gotten unhooked?

What r the chances its a fuse?

Is this a common enough problem that it will b an easy fix or am i biting off more than i care to chew
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I doubt that the vents or ducts have become unhooked. It could possibly be a fuse if there is a separate rear blower and fuse on the 2001 model, or maybe a door like panel that diverts airflow in the system is stuck. I don't own that year so I am not sure. In my opinion something like this is not the easiest and takes a moderate amount of tools and knowledge to figure out. If you're still interested in fixing it I'd recommend getting a service shop manual for the van. It's about $12 for an online copy.
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