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I have a 2001 Toyota Sienna with about 270K miles on it. My brakes suddenly were feeling very had to press and activate. My mechanic told me that is was the brake booster and he did the job. That fixed the issue but know the brake feel soft and/or spongy and aren't braking as they should. I am thinking that either I have air in system or the brake master cylinder might need to be replaced. I feel confident to be able to replace the brake master cylinder myself. I want to replace it and do a complete flush/bleed of brake fluid afterwards. However the problem is that when I look for buying the brake master cylinder I find two options: with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) or without VSC but it doesn't say which my van has... So my question is which should I get. I am leaving towards buying the one WITH VSC. My Toyota Sienna Haynes Repair Manual talks about this some. It mentions the clearance required between the brake booster push rod and the brake master cylinder. If cylinder has VSC then the clearance is 0inch and if the cylinder is without VSC then the clearance is 0.01inch... But it doesn't say much about which my Sienna is supposed to have. I would love to hear comments on which I should get.
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