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2001 Sienna LE Fuel Sending Unit

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My fuel guage stopped work a while back. In investigating the problem, I was directed to the fuel sending unit (attached to the fuel pump in the tank). I removed the unit and checked the recommended resistance settings, determining the the old unit was bad. After replacing the unit, the guage works, but does not travel the full range. In other word, when I fill the tank, the fuel guage will only go up to 1/2 or 1/3 tank, then stop. As I use the fuel, at an appropriate time (after enough fuel has been burned) the guage becomes active and drops to the empty mark. All I can figure is that the new unit float is hanging up on a baffle in the tank. I had thought I put the fuel pump back into the tank (after replacing the sending unit) in exactly the same position as before, but now am not sure. Any advise as to the correct position/angle to ensure the float is free of the baffles?
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