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2001 Sienna Timing belt re-align

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I've done 2 timimg belts with the engines out of vehicle and on a stand. Pretty easy compared to the rest of those projects. Today I am working on one of those vans. A rebuilt engine that now has about 12K mikes on it developed an oil leak in the front. The cause of the new leaking seals could be a good discussion on another thread, for now I am just trying to get this back on the road. I had to replace the cam and crank seals and of course re-install the timimng belt. On the 3rd attempt at aligning and installing the tensioner then rotating 2x it looked good. I'm not sure if I was real tired or what happened but after it was together it ran fine the first day. The second day it thew a p1346 cam position code. Took the top cover off and sure enough I am 1 tooth off. I read of 1 other person who had no problem re-doing the belt with just the top cover off (and tensioner) and was able to re-instal the belt. I had such a hard time just getting the belt on with all the covers off that I am having a hard time visioning my sucess.

Has anyone else had to move the rear cam 1 tooth and done it with just the top cover and tensioner off? Any tips?
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To my future self (because I know I'll be back) and anyoneelse dealing with this. It is easy. Line up the crank to TDC - assuming thatyour pulley has not slipped within its own rubber bushing and is indeedcorrect, then with the top timing cover off you should be able to see that therear timing mark is off one tooth. Pull the tensioner off. There is just enoughslack to move the rear pulley one tooth. There is actually just enough tensionthat it will kind of pop to the next tooth. Be careful that it doesn't rotatetoo far, there is tension from being on the top of the cam lobe and it caneasily pop about 10 teeth. For me it gently moved the 1 tooth and I was able toinstall the tensioner. Rotated several times and checked it to be good. Goodluck future me, and have your head checked, you should have remembered this,and your too old to be doing this crap!
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