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2001 Sienna Transmission Leak from main seal area

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Put a 0 mile rebuilt engine and a less used transmission with new torque converter and seals in about 10K miles ago. Just finished replacing the engine front seals because they were leaking pretty bad. That project and the fun with timing is on another thread. So a day after replacing the engine seals I noticed there was oil dripping. Closer look and I see that it’s tranny fluid dripping heavily, almost a slow pour, from the rear main seal area. The coincidence of just cleaning up the engine to then find this is mind blowing. Is there anything I did that could have caused this? Maybe I didn’t properly install the tranny seal so many miles ago. Or maybe the torque converter tore a hole, or something. Started to pull the tranny, which is a major pain in the butt. Since the install was only 10K miles ago, the bolts should come apart easy. Not looking forward to dropping the frame. At least I can leave the entire of the engine intact while I drop the tranny and see what the damage is. If anyone has had a leak like this let me know what you found.
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