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2001 Sienna XLE Exterior Driver Door Handle repacement part

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Are there two different exterior driver's side door replacement models? My 2001 Sienna XLE has power door locks and the replacement part I ordered only has one linkage arm attachment arm. My van has two linkage rods. I assume one is for manual key locking and the other is for the power lock feature. I am having a difficult time finding a replacement part number and supplier.
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Where are you looking for parts?

I ordered one from Rock auto and painted it myself. I have color matched paint.

Here is the part number
Here is a link on EBay to a door handle I bought and installed last summer for my 2001 van.

It worked great, and the paint code was perfect match for my Denim Blue. You just have to find the right link to the correct color for yours. The part was almost exactly identical to the original OEM part. It has 2 rod linkages.
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