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2004 CE front wheel camber alignment needing to replace control arms by NTB?

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My front tires are wearing on the outside edges. Brought in to NTB to see if it's adjustable without buying aftermarket camber kits. They said to replace control arms (also front lower suspension, tire protection, blah, blach...) which would cost me arout $1800ish and no need to adjust camber since it's what caused the positive camber in the first place. Really?

A year ago, Kwik Kar Lube (which I'll never go back to...bad reviews and bad service) told me I needed to replace front struts, sway bar links and lower ball joints to resolve once for all the prob of front wheel alignment constantly going off--which I did at another shop for half the price KKL quoted me. Ok, obviously that didn't fix the problem, so NTB is looking to rip me off?

Thanks in advance, guys!
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If it has a lot of miles, the control arm bushings could be worn out. $1800 seems high to me. You might want to consult a place that specializes in alignment for the tire wear issue, though.

I would think if camber is out of spec that there are special bolts for where the knuckle attaches to the shock that can give some camber adjustment. At least that is how it looks in my shop manual. Did they give you a number for caster (how many degrees)?
Thanks alot for taking the time to reply!

NTB's whole package includes both control arms, both front lower suspensions, alignment and tire protection plan which come to $1800.

Took it back to the shop I use where alignment machine is broken, got it on the rack they showed me the cracked control arms, told me no need to replace the suspensions, charged me $760 tax included.

Got Firestone to do alignment check, told me my camber is almost dead center only toe out a little, went for their life time alignment with $30 off coupon, which came to $159.99+tax=$170ish. Went home a happy man--just wanted to get it over with before the holiday. It's costed me two sets of tires in a year due to my ignorance...

Guess the control arm replacement did fix the camber issue...
Oh, I did order the "special bolts" or camber kit online which turned out to be a waste of money, but it's about $14ish, no biggie I guess.
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