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2004 overhead console, rear-seat A/C and dashboard lights out but no fuses blown!

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I have been replacing the burned out bulbs in my 2004 LE with LEDs from SuperbrightLED's. Last night I was changing the ones in the rear-seat A/C overhead control (3mm LED) and while trying to get one to seat properly, I accidentally shorted out the lead on one of the bulbs and poof! no lights. OK, just a blown fuse, right? This AM, I checked all the logical fuses with a DVM and all of them are showing continuity (even the ones under the hood and the two on the passenger side). I then noticed that the overhead console switch lights (previously upgraded to 4mm LEDs) and the lights in the HVAC panel (manual, not digital) are also out. So this looks like a bigger issue than just a fuse. Anyone seen anything like this before? Did I overlook a fuse? Looking in the operator's manual, I can't find any commonality for those lights being on the same circuit. I could see it if it were just the two A/C panels but what does the overhead console lights have in common with the A/C. All the switches function properly, it's just the lights that are out. Any ideas? Thanks

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Replace the bulbs to original ones . Disconnect the battery , wait a few , then reconnect. See what happens. There is also an auto fade function of those overhead console lights ( courtesy lights ) when illuminated with the door open , then closed and the door locks are activated to lock with the remote. See what happens . Also see if you are able to adjust the intensities of the various dash interior lights with the controlling knob that sticks out on the instrument panel. I am thinking that somewhere in the circuitry that controls the function of these lights is damaged or could possibly need a reset? Just a few thoughts.
Found the problem, it was (wait for it, wait for it...) the fuse for the panel lights! 🙄 (Man do I feel stupid.) It wasn't until i was driving home last night that I could see that there were other lights out as well and figured it HAD to be a fuse, even though I checked them all (at least I'm pretty sure I did...). Reading the op manual and looking at the fuse assignment, the PANEL described all of the lights that were out, but the way it was written it sounded like the switch function for the lights was affected as well (i.e. 4-way flashers, press button, flashers work). Dug the fuse out of the panel and sure enough, blown. Sometimes it is the obvious thing causing the issue.🥴

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Hey , I have felt that way a few times !! Where is that fuse? I am lazy to look now.
Back leftmost fuse in the driver's side box. But let me tell you, replacing all the old bulbs with LEDs is the way to go. I have a combination of colors that I think look great (blue for the outermost overhead console switches, amber for the three Homelink and rear AC control panel as I dig the old school amber illumination look). And I surprised myself, I got the polarity right first time on the ones I changed in the rear AC panel!
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