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2004 Sienna AC is blowing out hot air.

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Hi All,

I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna, has 130K miles on it. Recently, all of sudden my AC is blowing out hot air. Still when I on the AC, the Green light is on and hot air is blowing out. I gave the car to a Toyota dealer and they have re-pressure the AC (for $75.00). After that the AC problem still exists, again I have asked the Toyota dealer to check it. They have inspected and quoted for $1300.00 for replacing something.

I do not want to spend that huge money hence I decided not to replace that; now, it's getting hot and fried out without the AC.

Can someone assist/help, is there an easy/less expensive fix places around Evansville, IN area? Since I am not a mechanic, I do not want to replace/change anything myself (if it is too complicated).

Please help & advise.

Thank you!
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Get ready to start spending $$$. Did they do a leak test? I have a 98 Sienna and my rear line ruptured. Replaced it once, and it lasted for a year.

You need to find out what the problem is first.
Check the relay near the battery. It's 15.00... Google it..
SO I take it that $1300 quote is for a compressor.

Relay may fix it if clutch has trouble engaging. to test you can swap the mg-clt relay for the horn relay in the fuse box.
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