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2004 sienna limiited AWD radiator

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Which radiator do i need?
I performed a VIN lookup and it says no tow package.
Denso offers the following

I measured my actual radiator and the core dimensions are closer to 20 inches tall, 26 inches wide. So which one is it?

Radiator221-3140 (w/o Tow Package)
  • Core Height26.3750 in
  • Core Thickness0.6250 in
  • Core Width19.3130 in
  • Transmission Oil Cooler IncludedYES
  • Inlet Diameter1.5000 in
  • Outlet Diameter0.9370 in
Radiator221-9386 (Tow Package)
  • Core Height20.1300 in
  • Core Thickness0.8700 in
  • Core Width26.3800 in
  • Transmission Oil Cooler IncludedYES
  • Inlet Diameter1.5000 in
  • Outlet Diameter1.3400 in
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I put in a radiator in my 05 le fwd which is tow package van.. I put in a specter 2925...from autozone higher price.. But it has lifetime warranty and easy local access.. Rock auto, amazon.. Its $100 bucks.. Its sides are plastic.. But i don't tow much at all.

factory oem radiator lasted till 70-80k miles....leaked from side seams. 80k life
replaced with koyo brand... lasted till 260k miles..... leaked from side seams.. 180k life
replaced now with autozone specter 2925 radiator.....lifetime warranty....

Seems seinna are prone for radiator failure side leaks.. Thats why i got autozone lifetime warranty.

Update.....looks like the one I put in is a tow package radiator....rock auto spec says its 7/8inch thick.... autozone website doesn't list size thickness but it was listed as correct fitment for my van.... but looks like 04 has different type radiator...????


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