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2004 XLE Passenger sliding door won't unlock

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Our passenger side sliding door stopped working with the remote and buttons in the car this weekend. It made a noise that sounded like it was trying to open and close the door but unless we helped it get started it wouldn't work. That was OK as we were still able to manually open and close it. I turned off the child safety lock so we could open and close it and it was fine. Monday morning trying to get the kids to school the door won't unlock. No matter what I try can't get the door unlocked. I've called the Toyota customer car number and they informed me there is no way to get the door unlocked from the inside and I need to take it to a dealership to get serviced. I've also filed a complaint with NTSB. This is the side of the car that my children are required to get out of at school drop off. Anyone have ideas on how to get in to the door so we can try and cut the cable and just use it manually? I have no problem taking the door apart if I can figure out how to. It has 102,000 miles. Thanks.
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The first problem you encountered sounds like a bad latch release actuator. For more info see post #3 in this tread

Are you not able to unlock the door using the inside sliding button? When you press the lock/unlock on your remote does it move the manual lock button on the inside handle on the sliding door?
MY 2004 Sienna lock assy front Right isn't opening. So the Passenger side slider wont open......could this be the same problem? Shoudl i follow your
excellent instructions to diagnose?

Thank You
I just experienced the same issue as OP. Exact same symptoms. I want to get into the door panel to figure out if it is the lock actuator as ybre believed, but I can't get the door open at all. the door lock will not disengage with any electrical or manual method, either inside or out.

Any ideas?
Same issue as the others I think. I have a 2004 Toyota sienna the right side passenger door sounded like it was trying to open but would not even manually or even unlock. Same time the sunroof stopped working. Any ideas?
Same issue my Toyota Sienna 2004 XLE left side passenger door won't open, tried to open it manually when the battery was out but it only opened a little and since it wasn't opening more than that I had to push it back close. And then I fixed the battery back, the door will no longer disengage whether manually or with the buttons or remote although the back door and the right side door are working perfectly. Any ideas please ?
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