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2005 Sienna AC Evaporator Temperature Sensor

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Hey guys, first time question. I took my 2005 Toyota Sienna into the local trusted mechanic and got a high quote to fix my ac. They determined that the evaporator temperature sensor is faulty and said that the only way to get to it is to remove the dash. Anyone out there that can point me in the right direction to where this part is located? I am going to do the work myself, and want to remove as few parts as possible to do it.
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When it happens, how long does it stay warm for? My AC will slightly warm up every so often, especially noticeable when it’s really hot and humid out, but it only lasts a minute or two and then is right back to ice cold. I think this is normal and part of a “defrost” cycle to keep the AC from icing up.

Ah, I noticed this recently and wondered what it was. I also noticed the engine ran at lower than normal RPMs (around 500 I think) during the same period of time. (I was parked, idling, hot engine, hot day.) That would make sense.
I was a bit confused at first why you asked about a loaded Sienna, cause my Sienna is an LE, 1 step above the base, and has digital temp controls and split front temp zoning. Driver and passenger have separate temp controls, but the blower is shared with both sides. So two blend doors, but one blower. This is how my 2014 Pilot and 2020 Silverado were too. I haven't yet seen a car that has separate blowers for the driver/passenger up front. Rear has its own temp control and blower of course. But I have a 2014 2nd gen, and I realized the 1st gen probably didn't get digital controls and zoning until the very top trim levels.
I have an 09 LE with manual temp controls and no split front. Maybe they changed it for the 3rd gen (e.g. your 2014; 2nd gen is 2004-2010).
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AFAIK , you are right. I asked in post number 8 what the trim level was and I dont believe I got an answer.
OP says "does the passenger side combine warm and cold air when the car is set to anything other than HI or LOW?" in post #20, making me think he has the automatic system/split controls.
That's not what I got from that. He isn't asking about it splitting temp between driver and passenger. He's asking what blend door does what. He said he thought the one accessible from the driver side changed the vent mode and the one accessible from the passenger side did the hot/cold air mixing.
Sorry, I just meant that he used the terms HI and LOW. Those terms don't appear on the manual system, but I think the automatic system shows those words on a little display at the furthest hot and cold settings.
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