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2005 Sienna AC Evaporator Temperature Sensor

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Hey guys, first time question. I took my 2005 Toyota Sienna into the local trusted mechanic and got a high quote to fix my ac. They determined that the evaporator temperature sensor is faulty and said that the only way to get to it is to remove the dash. Anyone out there that can point me in the right direction to where this part is located? I am going to do the work myself, and want to remove as few parts as possible to do it.
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It could be this part. Not sure, ok?


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Post number 16 and 19. for ideas. It is quite a job. If you do it please post back. Cheers
I wish I could say where it is located but let me ask you this. What is happening to the ac system? You are the first with this problem that I know of since I have been on this 2ng gen forum
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Next time on the road while the system is on and cooling report back what the temperatures out of the drivers side and passenger side vents feel like . I'm talking about the vents by the radio. Is one warmer/cooler than the other? Which, if so?
By the way , what level trim ? CE , LE, XLE?
But why it would be icing I'm not sure
Usually being low on freon causes this. Add a couple ounces to the system and you shoud be good to go.
The 2nd gen LE does not have individual temp controls for the right and left sides.
AFAIK , you are right. I asked in post number 8 what the trim level was and I dont believe I got an answer.
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