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2005 Sienna AC Evaporator Temperature Sensor

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Hey guys, first time question. I took my 2005 Toyota Sienna into the local trusted mechanic and got a high quote to fix my ac. They determined that the evaporator temperature sensor is faulty and said that the only way to get to it is to remove the dash. Anyone out there that can point me in the right direction to where this part is located? I am going to do the work myself, and want to remove as few parts as possible to do it.
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I don’t know about these Siennas specifically but it makes no sense that the front evap temp sensor can’t be replaced by reaching under the dash.

‘04 LE FWD 197K miles
Yes, the probe extends into the evaporator core but I’m 99.44% sure the sensor is accessible without splitting the air handler.

Here’s a picture from the passenger footwell of our ‘04 LE with basic AC after removing the inner kick panel. Hold the outer ring of the clip while turning the center counterclockwise with a Philips screwdriver. Once the head lifts the slightest bit, you can pull off the panel sending the clip flying.

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The yellow and green wires go into a connector off screen then emerge as black wires in the blue sheath. They go into the evaporator housing through that u-shaped thingy that conveniently fits in a 10mm spanner/open wrench. The scuff marks are from the wrench slipping but it seems a counterclockwise turn releases the sensor. I’d have to see a replacement sensor to guess how it’s held.

‘04 LE FWD 198K miles
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