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2005 Sienna AC Evaporator Temperature Sensor

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Hey guys, first time question. I took my 2005 Toyota Sienna into the local trusted mechanic and got a high quote to fix my ac. They determined that the evaporator temperature sensor is faulty and said that the only way to get to it is to remove the dash. Anyone out there that can point me in the right direction to where this part is located? I am going to do the work myself, and want to remove as few parts as possible to do it.
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I had a similar problem. It least as far as the intermittent issue goes on my ‘05 XLE Limited. It would work fine and then just stop cooling for hours sometimes. I know it had the proper amount of refrigerant but the compressor clutch would just disengage. Not short cycle but just disengage for no apparent reason. After digging through this forum I came across the mention of the computer for the radiator fans. I hadn’t thought to check to see if the fans were running when the clutch wouldn’t engage. I bought a used one on eBay and that fixed it! It’s easy to access and replace since it’s just above the fans. That is the only part I replaced. Who’d have thought? Not me.
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I think this is the piece you’re referring to. Not 100% sure but it might be possible to reach and replace without pulling the whole dash.
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Nice pic!. This is the sensor with the small holder. Where his/her index finger is the temp sensor. It just pushes in the core fins.
I used to install port A/C's on Echos and Corollas back in the day. :). Same kind of holder
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