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2005 Sienna Heat Shield Above Muffler

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About 4-5 years ago I repaired the heat shield above the muffler. 3 of the four mounting locations had rusted out. I was unable to loosen the factory nuts (and at least one of the posts itself started to turn when i tried. So I added a big washer and new nut on top of the old ones and it was fine. Well Sunday, the heat shield fell off. The one remaining factory mount and all 3 of my new ones had rusted. It fell off while driving so the heat shield itself got bent up, but I may be able to fix that.

Now I have a dilemma. Three of the holes on the exhaust shield are now about 1.5”+ in diameter, the nuts I added are now rusted on and there aren’t enough threads on those posts to add another but to the stack. If I take it to a dealer, the fact that one of the posts started to turn a few years ago worries me. I bet replacing the posts is a very expensive affair. I called a local (trusted) muffler shop and the guy on the phone told me to just drive it without it. I looked at where the shield is located and don’t see any wires or cables in that area. Just sheet metal for the floor under the third row seats. But I can’t imagine Toyota would spend the money to put a heat shield on there if it wasn’t needed.

So, what do you guys think is the best solution to this? Is it safe to drive without this shield?
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cut the bolts down, make holes and mount new rivet nuts. Most respectable auto shops have the possibility to mount you rivet bolts or nuts without structural, thermic ore other modification. they will apply after that rust protection and any kind of heat shield you want
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