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2005 Sienna Power Door - Weakened Hinge???

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I have a 2005 Sienna with 42k miles. It has the dual power sliding doors. The drivers side door seem to stick and will not close about 50% of the time when using the power close feature.

I took it to the dealer and they came back and said it has a "weakened ceneter Hinge". I purchased a Extended warranty thru Toyota at the time of purchase. They called the warranty company and were informed this was not covered and would be $700 to fix???!!

Anyone have a similar experience? i seached the forums and googled this and found 1000's of people with similar issues.

Is this a known issue with the door? if so , why is Toyota not standing behind thier product. Our car has been in no accidents and the drivers side door is opened only half as much as the passanger side door, will this defect appear on the passenger side as well?

do I need to go thru Toyota Corp to get this fixed?

thanks for any advice.
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Argh!!! Sorry for all the others that are having this issue.

Yes, our van has a "failing hinge" according to the dealer. The funny thing was, I took it in because the door switch (the one that controls the dome light) was sticking (and would set off the alarm). They said the switch was fine (BS, had to buy one and replace it myself because that was easier than convincing them).

I looked at the operation of the door (yeah it lurches a little, but it has always done that) and then I compared it to the other door: exactly the same.

So I went to the dealer and said that the other door works the same. The service writer said that the tech probably didn't check the other door. Great, way to be thorough. So realistically, I have two bad hinges. I call "bad design" Toyota!

After their verdict and crazy expensive quote, I said what about my extended warranty that I bought specifically to cover things like this? "Oh, well hinges are excluded." What the heck? It's not a "hinge" issue, it is a roller issue. Just because the craptastic rollers are attached to a part you call a hinge, that's not my fault. "Well, see, if the part is called a hinge, then we can't replaced under the extended warranty." So I called the Toyota extended warranty place and they said it didn't matter because body mechanical was excluded anyway. So there. OK, I'm hosed.

So, looking at the quote I think there is a lot of fat. They want to paint the part (I don't care) and they were going to farm out the work anyway. I am really looking forward to someone reporting and describing a successful fix to this so I can see if I'm up to it.

Good luck inPhlim, let us know how it turns out.
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Can you see the hinge when the door is closed? Do you really need to paint it?

I'm dying to hear how your project goes so I can decide if I want to attempt ours.

Again, good luck!
Thanks for the info. Please take pictures along the way if you can manage it.

I'm rooting for you!
Trying ever so hard to be patient waiting to hear the details...
Is the hinge repair holding up?

One of our doors failed so the motor is being replaced under the Platinum plan, but we have to pay for the hinges to be replaced. I'm having both hinges done by the same body shop that is doing the motor for Toyota. They gave me a break on the door with the bad motor since most of the labor will be for the motor. We just moved, so there is no way I can take on a project like this right now. Too bad, but a good warning for others to get the hinges fixed before it takes out the motor. Price was $565 for the side that still works and $100 for the side that has the broken motor.

And, yes, I'm torqued about the obviously crappy design (or materials, or assembly or whatever). Recently had to replace the battery and tires and the front brakes need to be done. Those additional items are no fault of the vehicle, but quite the financial load after just buying a house.
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