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2005 Sienna Power Door - Weakened Hinge???

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I have a 2005 Sienna with 42k miles. It has the dual power sliding doors. The drivers side door seem to stick and will not close about 50% of the time when using the power close feature.

I took it to the dealer and they came back and said it has a "weakened ceneter Hinge". I purchased a Extended warranty thru Toyota at the time of purchase. They called the warranty company and were informed this was not covered and would be $700 to fix???!!

Anyone have a similar experience? i seached the forums and googled this and found 1000's of people with similar issues.

Is this a known issue with the door? if so , why is Toyota not standing behind thier product. Our car has been in no accidents and the drivers side door is opened only half as much as the passanger side door, will this defect appear on the passenger side as well?

do I need to go thru Toyota Corp to get this fixed?

thanks for any advice.
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Hi kornbread. I share your anxiety as there are claims that the hinges can be replaced, but no one has published anything anywhere that explains a procedure without fully removing the door. the Toyota service bulletin explains how to remove the door and replace the hinges and the cable motor. However, many of us just want to replace the center hinges.

I have an '04 Sienna and need new hinges as I have all of the early symptoms. From what I've read and from studying the Toyota service bulletin (EL004-04), here's how I think it can be done.

**I haven't done this yet. I have worn hinges, but my cables are fine (for now)**

1. Open the sliding door.
2. Disconnect the battery.
3. Disconnect both ends of the cable at the tensioners at each end of the center track. Service bulletin explains how to remove the trim under the rear window to access the rear tensioner. At this point, you can slide the door on the track
4. Remove the bump stop at the end of the upper track
5. Remove stop at end of center track.
6. Unbolt cable carrier (pullies) from center hinge (2 bolts)
7. Carefully slide door rearward allowing roller on top track, and the infamous center hinge to disengage from tracks. You'll need 1 or 2 buddies to hold the door straight as the lower track stays engaged. I may make sense to just take the door off a this point, but it may not be necessary.
8. Unbolt the center hinge and replace.
9. Put it all back together.

Comments welcome,
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