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2005 Strut Mounts - OEM vs after market

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Tire Discounters replaced struts in 2015. Drivers side clanking now and mount is the issue. They are under warranty (first time ever on the good end of a warranty). Problem is, the "mount" is not covered (only 1 year), but I get new strust. They lated 8 yrs so not the worst. They will find whatever mount is available that will fit thier strut - KYB, Moog, etc. I would prefer to go OEM but not quite clear what components make up the strut mount per se. Is it just the mount or do you have to get the the other parts just below it? Seems like the mount is crucial. But then again it os a 2005 we are trying to keep alive, s OEM worth it.

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It's hard to say what Tire Discounters did. Almost universally, the standard option is to replace the whole strut kit. It's super easy labor and they pass the cost savings on to you. Shop rates being what they are, it rarely makes financial sense to pay someone to uninstall a strut, disassemble it completely, replace a single bad part, then put it all back together. Yes, the strut was warrantied, but, if you have to pay for the labor for the mount, it may be cheaper to just replace the whole strut kit.
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I agree with BillG. KYB is a good brand, I have 110k miles on KYB struts and mounts.
One of the struts they put in 6 yrs ago failed, partially related to a bad mount that wasn't replaced with previous struts. Fortunately, they put in two new struts under warranty and I just bought new mounts. In the end I got two new struts but had to pay for the 2 mounts and labor.
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