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2006 Sienna CE,can not put the selector lever from "P" to any others.

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This morning,I replace one of my brake bulb.I did not start engine to check whether the new bulb work.

I found when I depress the brake pedal,the brake light not work,and I can not put the selector lever from "P" to others.

Now my car can not move.

Yesterday in order to reset the maintenance light ,I made a mistake.

In "Trip A" Odometer ,push in and hold the button/knob then I turned off my car and [FONT=Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]turned it on.

I do not know what is the problem.Is it a protect mode?
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All Brake Lights down.

I think maybe the car in a protect mode.

How to resole this problem?
I had nearly the same problem.....hooked up an old boat trailer and lights.....a few blocks later parked for a second and when I went to move again the lever was absolutely stuck in park. Also the VSC light and TRAC control lights were on.

Since I immediately suspected the trailer lights, I unhooked them and my brake lights were still out. The brake light fuse was blown! Since I was "on the road" I plucked out another fuse (an unneeded sunroof fuse) and stuck in in the brake fuse spot......problem solved.

I then of course repaired the trailer lights!!
Thank you,fsskier.

I think your answer is my resolution.

I searched google,and someone's answer same as yours.
Our 2007 had this problem too. In our case it was intermittant but it eventually became almost impossible to shift it out of Park without using the override button that's hidden behind a cover just left of the shifter. A new brake lght switch (right behind the brake pedal) fixed it.
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