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2007 LE with rattle/valve train? noise at start [VIDEO]

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I just got my 60,000 "C" service and hoped it would fix this sound I have been hearing for a bit on my van, but it didn't. Any suggestions or comments on what this noise might be? It doesn't happen every time.

Many thanks,

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I cannot get the video to launch, but there are two sources of noise on the 2GR-FE engine - VVTi (valve train) and piston slap. VVTi can be addressed thru a technical service bulletin. Piston slap is a rattle that varies greatly in intensity engine to engine, but is a result of the reduction in the 'skirt' of the piston that allows it to oscillate slightly in the piston bore when cold (greatest clearance condition). It should diminish and go away as the engine warms up.
Video link should be fixed, sorry about that.
T-SB-0146-10 also seems to match the problem I am seeing, but it does not look like my year is covered, only 2011. TSB should be attached to this post.


That TSB is for the 4 cyl engine, not your V6.

Describe your sound. The video doesn't make it clear to me.
It's the very quick "rattle" right after you hear the starter, right around the 0 : 0 5 mark.
Could it be the starter is not disengaging properly once the engine starts? It doesn't sound like valve train noise that I'm used to hearing from my V-6 for the first second or so on a cold start.

It could be. I am taking to the dealer tonight so it can sit overnight for them to look at first thing tomorrow morning. I'll keep you guys informed.
After thinking about this some, I'm wondering if the situation described in T-SB-0146-10 possibly does apply. There seems to be a high enough incidence on the 4 cyl to issue an advisory to the dealership mechanics, but that doesn't preclude the possibility that the same faulty hardware might not cause similar noise in other applications. Keep us informed! You might just be on the leading edge of a new issue.
It could be. I am taking to the dealer tonight so it can sit overnight for them to look at first thing tomorrow morning. I'll keep you guys informed.
I am hearing the exact same noise on my car right now. It's a 2007 Limited. I took it to the dealer and they said it was the VVT. They charged me $900 to diagnose it and wanted $6500 to fix the problem. I told them for that much money I would rather drive it til it dies. Did you get a better/different answer for yours?
I agree with royc on that it may be your starter not disengaging properly. Try replacing your starter.

Cnoon - $900 to diagnose is ridiculous!
Did you ever get this resolved? My 2007 LE has made this noise at startup for at least the last 40k miles. It has 90k on it now and I have been curious about the cause of the noise.
Hi, my 2008 LE has the exact same noise at startup. Did you find the cause of this problem? Thanks..
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