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2007 Sienna - Replacing Power steering Rack and/or PS pump ... How hard?

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I have a 2007 Sienna Lmtd. Car has 51k miles.

I noticed that there are a COUPLE of drops of fluid formed on the Power Steering pump. There are NO drops on the driveway. I wiped them but a week later, they are new drops of fluid sitting there. So there is a small leak somewhere. To me it looks like it comes from the PS pump itself.

I took the car for some "recall" work to the local Toyota dealer and i asked them to check the "drops". An hour later, the service adviser calls me and tells me that my PS pump is not leaking - it is my steering rack that is leaking and that it will cost me$1,360 to get it fixed!!! :eek:

I told him that i don't have the money now and that i will do it a later time. This price just seems way too steep, plus this same guy also recommended a couple of other maintenance items that were already addressed 2 weeks ago! :( He was simply lying on the phone telling me that i need this and that at 50k miles! :eek: :mad: Not happy with him at all but this is a different topic.

Now, here are my questions...

1. Could it be just the power steering pump leaking and the guy trying to rip me off by selling me a new Rack and Pinion .... OR indeed, the leaking PS rack is a well know issue with the Sienna?? Even on 2007 model?

2. If it is a leaking PS rack ... should i be worried and address it ASAP, or it can wait as long as i check the fluid. So far, the car is not loosing much/if any fluid.

3. How hard is to replace the steering rack on these cars? I have all sorts of tools and i am DIY guy for the most part but i have never done a PS rack before on any car. Is this a doable home-garage project or i need a shop? Obviously, I will pay a shop for the alignment.

4. Same question but for the PS pump.... Has anyone done it? Any tricks? How hard is the PS fluid bleeding?

5. Any instructions, feedback, tips, advices are welcome. I am not paying the dealer $1300 to do this, even if i have to do it ASAP.+

Thank you!
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The power steering is NOT sticking or acting strange at all. No issues when you drive the van.
The only reason i noticed the small leak is because i went under the car to check on other things. (we recently bought it).
The leak is very slow, given the limited amount of drops i am seeing. No sticking, no noises, no vibration.

I got my car back from the dealer, went under it with a flash light and here is what a discovered...

1. Surprise-surprise - the steering rack is completely DRY. Both rubber boots are DRY. All hose connections are DRY. There is not even any moisture around or on the rack. I am not really sure what the service adviser was trying to do to me when he told me that my leak is from the PS rack and i need to pay them $1,300. ??? :mad: I am very very disappointed with this dealer, to say the least. I am wondering if i should call Toyota corporate and escalate this issue or just never ever put my foot @ Toyota service department.

2. The PS pump is WET. Not leaking, but it has a couple of drops of fluid on it. The PS pump is not next or under the PS rack, so i don't see how a leaking PS rack can even drip on top of the PS pump.

3. Since the PS pump is attached to the engine block, there is a chance that the leak could be originating from the engine (valve cover gasket leak?) but i am not sure how likely this is on these cars with only 50k miles.

Any ideas? Has anyone here had a leaking PS pump on a Sienna? How about leaking PS rack? Or Valve Cover gasket? I am just trying to figure out on my own what is the most likely source of this minor leak. It is obvious now that my Toyota dealer cannot be trusted!! :mad:
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