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2007 w/ 90k miles, AC not blowing cold for several miles

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Hi all,

My van has a problem with the AC. It doesn't blow cold until you are several miles down the road (2+) My mechanic says it has to stop working completely for them to diagnose the problem. The problem is getting worse but - as in more frequent and usually only does it the first drive of the day and the others are fine. Am I making any sense? I looked at all the AC threads I could find and nobody else has complained of the same thing.

Problem: AC does not blow cold for several miles on first drive of the day

- both front and back AC are affected by the problem.

Any suggestions for diagnosing the problem would be greatly appreciated.

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What part of the country do you live in? Is this the first few times you've started the AC with this weather? Have you checked the cabin filter, cleaned the condenser etc?

Check the video for some more details.

Regards, JC.
I live in SW Arizona. We run the AC most of the year. The problem has slowly increased in severity over the 6 years we have owned this van. It started as a once in a while taking to the end of the street before feeling the cool. It mostly just progressed in length of time to cool - still only once in a while. Now it is happening most every day it is driven - but only for the first drive.

Condenser is clean, Cabin filter is fairly new.
Maybe your accessory belt is a belt loose and it's not engaging the compressor when you first start off but after when you get up to speed it is?

Regards, JC.
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