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I got this van a few months ago from a family member. When I first tried opening the rear lift gate, the power assist would immediately take over and open about 80% of the way. And it always seem to struggle. Often, it would immediately start power closing as soon as it reached near the top of its motion. Classic symptoms of the struts failing. So, I replaced the struts.

With the new struts, I can manually open and close the lift gate easily. But, the power assist no longer works at all. Pushing the button on the console or the key fob will fully power open the door, but will not close it. It's as if the system doesn't think the door is open. It's not that it fails to move the door. Rather, there is no response to pressing the buttons at all.

Any ideas? The power assist to close the door/lift gate would be nice.

I know how it used to work. As soon as you started opening the door by pulling the latch, the power mechanism would take over. Similarly, as soon as you moved the door slightly to close it, the power system would take over and close it.

I attempted to do a reset, but I don't quite understand the instructions and it did nothing.
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