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I bought my Sienna new in 2008. Recently I am having problems with the Electronic Stability Control. In a curve, more left than right, a warning bell will sound and the engine will suddenly lose power, sometimes applying the brakes and pull to the right. The only way to avoid it is to drive very slow through the curve. This is in dry conditions and can be very dangerous. I have consulted with Toyota, the local dealer and my mechanic and no one has an answer to the problem. I've seen on other forums many Sienna owners experiencing the exact same problem. Despite this, Toyota denies any knowledge of the problem. My mechanic is looking at a possible coding problem but no solution yet and he finds nothing mechanically wrong. I love the car and have no desire to replace it. If it continues I will have to remove the fuses for the ESC but it also affects the ABS. Any input is appreciated.
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