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Hi. I’ve spent hours reading through every different door issue and solution I can find across multiple sites, and trying fixes that seem relevant. I need some help.

We have a 2008 Sienna XLE Limited. The driver side slider will open automatically, but when it is told to close (remote, front seat button, or door button), it attempts to open more and then stops.

The things that I have tried:
  • Recalibrating/initializing the door. I have included the process that I went through at the bottom of this post and a link to where I got it.
  • Checking the door edge safety sensor. It’s fine.
  • Replacing the door control module in the door. It didn’t help.

I believe it is not a broken cable for two reasons: the door still opens and there are no cables hanging out anywhere.

There wasn’t a specific event when this started happening. As in, it wasn’t after the battery was replaced, or anything like that. I’m a little thrown off by the fact that it tries to open again, pulling backwards against it’s limit instead of moving forward.

This is video of the behavior:

And this is the initialization process that I went through:

“You can try starting with all doors closed and unlocked, keys in hand disconnecting the battery and letting the vehicle sit for 2 min or so, then reconnect the battery. Put the key into the ignition and turn it to the on position but do not start the van. Next press the button to disable the power sliding door for the drivers side, then manually open the door fully, wait 5 seconds, then close it manually fully. Press button the button again to re-enable the power sliding door, then try to use it with the automatic feature either by pulling the handle or using your remote, this may or may not work depending on if the door has somehow become de-initialized (it should work now) however if something is broken inside the door closing mechanism or door closed/open sensors, the door will continue to malfunction.”

(One of the solutions posted here:

I came across a couple different variations and have tried them all, but this one seemed to be focused on our generation of van.

Additional notes that might be helpful:

  • If you open the door automatically and close it manually, the door will open automatically again.
  • Passenger door works fine
  • Power lift gate works fine
  • “Helping” the door doesn’t do anything. It insists on trying to open again no matter how I try to interfere.

I really don’t want to pay for the dealership to deal with this if it’s something that I can address. I’m a former mechanic, and can take on decent challenges, but I feel like I am missing something.

Please help.

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I have a very similar issue on a 2008 sienna, the door opens but it wont do anything when i try to close it,
when closing it manually it wont try to open, but if i push the door (not the handle) to open it will open back up,
took it apart and inspected the cables inside and I don't see anything wrong.
Please post here if you have an update

i took this picture from google, I didn't take any when I took it apart,
but I am almost sure that this piece circled in red was turned down, not up like in this picture, not sure what this is, and if it is related,
I did saw someone mention that it is for a safety not to open fully if the window is down incase a hand is stuck true, or maybe something with the gas door, but the gas door is on the driver side and this is the passenger side
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Edit: just came across this Power sliding door won't close---opens normally
does not look to have a solution yet
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