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2008 Sienna p0015 trouble code

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Hi all: While coasting down a long hill at about 60 mph in my 2008 Sienna with approx. 50,000 miles, the check engine light came on however there was no noticeable change in engine performance. As dealer service is not available on Sundays, I took the vehicle to an auto parts store where they hooked up a reader to the on board computer. The computer returned a P0015 trouble code with message that the camshaft position was over retarded. The trouble code was cleared from memory which turned off the check engine light, and the vehicle has now been driven for several hours and the check engine light has not come back on. If the check engine light does not come back on, should I have the vehicle checked anyway, or can I safely assume that everything is fine and the computer just got temporarily confused? I've read that the exhaust camshaft timing actuator is controlled by oil pressure, so is it possible that the pressure dropped while coasting and that caused a temporary timing aberration that, in turn, caused the check engine light to come on? Would appreciate any advice re. the correct approach to take if the check engine light does not come back on. Thanks for your replies!
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The dreaded P0015. It's probably in the area of your camshaft and housing assembly that eventually needs to be replaced. I had the P0015 code and cleared it with my scangauge and it came back a few days later and just so you know, it will never go away. Plus another symptom in my case, besides the annoying ticking sounds, is random white smoke coming from the tailpipe on startup. This all when away after they replaced the camshaft housing etc.

Unfortunately I was already passed my warranty so I had to pay out of pocket. I had the repair/replacement done at my local Toyota dealership (normally I deal with independent mechanic) so I wouldn't have to worry about my wife and kids getting stranded on the road. It was worth the peace of mind.

Here's most likely what's is going on:

Don't get me wrong, our Sienna is still an awesome and reliable people mover!
I have the TSB's on my download site:

You are under the mileage but might be over on time. Still, push for this to be covered given that it is a known defect.
I got the P0015 error on my 2014 Toyota Sienna Le 41,700 miles on my from FL to NY. I had it on Cruise Control and then it automatically shut off and my check engine and TRAC OFF light came on. My cruise control won't engage again. I took it to auto Zone and the error code was a P0015 TOYOTA - Camshaft Position 'B' Timing Over-Retarded Bank 1 . Turns out when I change my oil I was only putting 5 quarts of oil instead of 6.4 like the manual states. Then driving from FL to NY didn't help and my oil was very low causing the sensor to not work properly. Also my water coolant was low which has nothing to do with the error code but I'm sure my low oil was heating up the engine and it took all the coolant to keep the engine temp down. (Just my guess, I could be wrong)

We topped off the oil again filled the coolant and reset the check engine light. So far cruise control and works and no issues. being that the sienna only had 41,000 miles my mechanic said it most likely is the low oil pressure that was cause the error.

I hope this helps.

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