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We have always turned off our power sliding doors and just manually open and close them. Today we opened the passenger side while we were in town and it would not close. We can slide it a few inches and then it just stops. I engaged the power door switch on the dash and the motor would move the door a few inches to close and then stop at the same spot. We had to drive 20 miles home with the door wide open. We have cleaned the tracks and everything looks fine without any obstructions.

I removed the battery because the positive terminal had some corrosion, and I charged it while I cleaned the terminals. When I reinstalled it I engaged the power door switch and pushed the door button on the overhead console and the motor did not respond at all. And strangely, the overhead lights in the console do not turn on. The sunroof works, the back hatch works using the power button, the digital display on the overhead console works. I checked the fuses under the hood and the diagram in the cover of the fuse box shows a 30 amp fuse for each sliding door, but on the fusebox the sections with those fuses has no fuses at all and instead has something the appears to be metal rails running horizontally across the entire width of the area that should have fuses according to the diagram.

Can anyone advise us on how to get the door closed? We have no garage and had to tie a tarp over the doorway and winter weather will soon be moving in. The is our only car. Any help would be appreciated.
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