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2008 with Lexus is250 rims

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Here is my 2008 limited. I was thinking of putting these on after spraying them a gunmetal grey. Any thoughts?
My only concern is the rims are 17x8. Not sure how the 225 size tires will fit.

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225 on 8" wide rims is fine. I had 225-55-18 on my 18x8 last time it fits perfectly. 8" is the widest for 225 tires normally.
nice but do be careful. Wheels or rims do have weight limit. The Lexus IS is lot lighter than a fully loaded Sienna. I have swapped Sienna wheels/rims with Highlander 7-passenger wheels/rims before. These two wheels/rims have similar weight limit.
I sold them instead. I will be getting an aftermarket set in the style and color I actually want.
Finally found a set of rims I like for the right price.
They look very sharp. Could you give us some details on them?
They are 17 x. 7.5". Phat Kat racing.
I wanted to stick with a stock size only because I had just put on a new set of Michelin premier V rated tires on last summer.
In hind sight. I should have gone to 18" last year when I was shopping for tires. There are a lot more options with 18" and larger for rims.
17's are cheap nowadays. They are today's new 14".
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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